Are YOU ready for the Plie Challenge?

Plie Challenge

What will happen to our bodies if we did 100 Plies every day for 30 days?

Starting Wednesday 1st August I am going to be doing 100 Plies EVERY – SINGLE – DAY!!

Why not part in this challenge and find out for yourself just what  doing 100 Plies every day will do for you.

I will be LIVE on the Facebook Group every day doing my 100 plies.

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The Benefits of Plies

A Plie is a simple exercise which comes with several benefits. It mostly targets the inner thighs, the quads and the glutes.

Performing plie squats will help to add strength to your lower body.

By doing plie squats you can get legs that are lean, thin and sexy to look at.

Watch my demo video and check out the amazing shake you get in your legs! This sequence shows plies 73 to 100.

PS: May not be suitable for people with knee injuries. Modifications will be shown.

Plie Challenge