Jean’s Story

“Jacquie has been working with me since 2013. The overall improvement in my posture and well being has been noticed and commented on by my friends and family. I developed Scoliosis during my teenage years, but I didn’t really suffer any pain until I was in my 30’s.

From then onwards, I was treated by Physiotherapists and Osteopaths on a regular basis. I’ve attended Pain Clinics, had accupuncture, worn a Tens Machine and been on various pain killers. Some treatments worked for varying lengths of time and others had little or no effect. Latterly I was seeing a Physiotherapist every 6 weeks and taking 5 Gabapentin tablets a day. I was in constant pain, it hurt getting in and out of the car, I couldn’t stand up straight from a sitting position and it was painful to sit down.

Jean demonstrating a resistance band stretch showing one way in which we have worked to strengthen her core and build her flexibility in a safe controlled manner.

A chat with a neighbour about Pilates led me to Jacquie. In my first 4 months of lessons, I was standing taller and had better spinal flexibility.

I can now move freely every day. I recently got a gorgeous new Cockapoo puppy and I’m able enjoy long walks with her.

“Jacquie has made a huge improvement to my overall well being and health.” Jean

Jan’s Story

“Having suffered with chronic lower back pain for more than 30 years, I haven’t been able to get beyond being able to stand for around ten minutes at a time and I was unable to walk continuously for around fifteen minutes.After only ten Pilates sessions with Jacquie, I am now able to stand for double the length of time I could. I walked to my local shops and back this week, without having to sit down for a rest. Total time spent walking? Almost double!I am 100% certain that this is a direct result of attending Jacquie’s weekly classes. Imagine what I might be doing this time next year!

Jacquie herself has a lovely caring manner which, combined with her expertise, makes her an inspiring and encouraging teacher. Jan Harrison

Jan Harrison
Jan Harrison

Angela’s Story

Pilates Bridge of Allan
Angela standing tall and smiling after her Pilates Class at Bridge of Allan Sports Club

Angela started coming to my private Pilates Studio at Bracken Lane, Stirling in May 2016. She was in recovery after falling 20 feet off an indoor climbing wall and fracturing her T11 and T12 vertebrae. She spent many months in hospital followed by intense recuperation and physiotherapy. Once she had reached a degree of mobility it was recommended that she start doing Pilates to further her recovery. Upon her first private class with me, I asked her what her expectations were from Pilates. Her response was “to be pain free” and “confident in a class situation.” Six months down the line, Angela has now returned to her favourite pastime of climbing (mountains and indoor climbing walls). She is a regular attendee at my Tuesday morning Pilates Class in Bridge of Allan.

“Jacquie Robertson who owns Beaumont Body shaping is so passionate, enthusiastic and experienced about pilates and cares attentively for the individuals at the class. I’m so happy to have found a wonderful instructer as looking after my back is now part of my career and a job for life !” Angela

Gordon’s Story

“I started Pilates because my posture was awful, I had recurring chronic neck pain, back pain and a rotator cuff injury. The sport I play competitively, curling, was more difficult for me as a result.  I needed a regime change to impilatesprove my posture and strengthen my core muscles to enable me to continue to play. Further I needed to alleviate the chronic pain.

I decided upon Pilates having researched the systems. I happened upon your web site as a local expert in the spring of 2016. The private lessons you kindly provided my wife and I persuaded me that the regime was the way forward. Your group classes are excellent, fun and have without doubt gradually changed my posture and attitude. I am not pain free but only the cuff injury remains a nuisance. I am much more flexible, relaxed and fitter in the space of 3 months. The curling season has started well too!

Thank you so very much for all of your guidance… I realise that there is still much to do and be achieved but I’ll get there. Even the garden has been kicked into shape in the last month!” Gordon

Some comments about our Callanetics Classes

  • “I felt a little apprehensive going to a predominately female class; however I was immediately put at ease by the informal and friendly atmosphere. I also dropped a jeans size within four classes.” Jim
  • “I have lost inches from my hips and waist. A former work colleague said I looked 10 years younger, plus I’ve worn a mini skirt for the first time in 15 years! Getting loads of compliments!” Sheila
  • “I have tried many ways of exercising and keeping fit but never stuck to them before. With Callanetics it’s fantastic, enjoyable to do and the results are fab!” Jane
  • “Immense improvement in my back and neck – I had serious problem previously I have also lost the flab around the tummy area.” Donna
  • “Going to sports classes on your own can be intimidating, but these classes are the most friendly I’ve ever attended.” Emma
  • “Someone asked me yesterday where I got my peachy bum and I told them Callanetics. I had a look myself, and it really has lifted! Also my legs have slimmed down enough for me to wear a playsuit.” Alexis
  • Bought a top 2 years ago from Topshop at size 14 that didn’t fit with the plan to shrink into it! Labels are coming off it at last and I’m wearing it on Saturday night!” Sarah